by Ray Priem Creators of unique bespoke glassware Made with Xara  by 50 Plus Surfers The UK She Award Awarded 2002 - 2004 Award depicts the 9 dot matrix logo Made from Borosilicate Glass on Black Acrylic Base. The BPTA Award 2008 Building Public Trust Award 10 Awards produced in 2008 Childs foot, slip cast then kiln formed Sponsored by PriceWaterhouse Coopers Made from Float Glass on carved aluminium base Height 300mm The RHM Engineering Innovation Award Awarded 2000-2001 Made from Borosilicate Glass on carved Mahogany Base Iincorporating the RHM seven Piece "ear of wheat" logo Height 220mm Awarded 2007-2008 by the Anne Frank Trust UK 10 Awards produced each year with quote from her diary together with the recipients name. To educators and young people who have "made a difference" in their community.  Anne Frank Award Corporate Awards in Glass Design and Hand Made by Ray Priem of Glass Designs