by Ray Priem Creators of unique bespoke glassware Made with Xara  by 50 Plus Surfers Koadk BAFTA Swan Kodak BAFTA Award Around 20 per year are awarded to the best Cinematography nominees in Film and Television for high fliers in the Film Industry. A stylized representation of a Whooper Swan; see Guinness book of Records "Highest Flying Bird" One of the most ambitious and rewarding projects so far, has been the production of the Kodak BAFTA award, a prestigious award coveted by the 'editors and cinematographers' of the British and American Film Industry. Given a brief of "something original" Ray hit upon the idea of producing a trophy featuring a Whooper Swan - which nature lovers will know as the worlds highest flying bird - an apt award for the high-fliers of the film industry. The striking sculpture features a Whooper Swan in mid flight, on a gleaming black base - and we're sorry but this really is only available to winners of the Kodak BAFTA award! However, Ray's talents are limited only to your imagination, and he will always be pleased to talk over individual design with you. Other awards Glass Designs has produced include a 'one off' for the Corporate Innovation Awards. on display Koadk BAFTA Swan